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Buyers Guide to Video Games

The gaming industry has come a long way from back in the 80’s when the first Atari game hit the market. The video gaming industry is now a multi-billion dollar industry which is growing on a daily basis. The following guide will take you through some of the major players in the video gaming industry. Video Games


The Nintendo Wii is the newest offering from Nintendo and is the fifth generation console from Nintendo. On November 19th 2006, Nintendo released the Nintendo Wii. The console introduced the ‘WiiMote’. The console contains a 6.2 inch touch screen display with a range of inputs including four controller-compatible buttons, two analogue stick controllers, plus two built-in motion detection sensors. The motion sensors technology is not new, actually originated from Proterus back in the 80s, but has recently been improved and refined and is now available as a stand-alone accessory. The controller called the Wiimote also has a built-in speaker and is immersed in a bubble throughout most of the games, which of course adds to the overall feel of playing the game. Video Games

The Nintendo Wii has been selling well, and has been one of the leaders in the recent console wars, with the Nintendo DS also having a strong following. Because of the Wii’s popularity, it is possible to get a Nintendo Wii bundled with Sports Resort, Metroid Prime and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, all of which are available on the market today. Video Games


The Sega Game Gear was one of the first attempts by Sega to popularize and develop video games. The first Game Gear was released in 1987 and could play only Sega Genesis games. In January of 1991, Sega received the first non- genesis for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. The new console promised to Sega that they could compete with Nintendo. The new console was known as the Sega Saturn. In September of 1994 Sonic the Hedgehog was released and the Sega Saturn was discontinued. This was the first game which they had developed in 2D format. UFABET เว็บตรง

In 1996, Sega received another non- genesis, which was the Sega Saturn 2, which was developed with the unique use of a joystick. In Japan, it was released with the name ‘Sonic Portable’. In North America, it was called the Segapossibly X. After the Sega Saturn 2 was released in 1998, it was the first console to use cartridges and this allowed a bigger variety of games and quality than a compact disc. Video Games

In 1999, Sega received yet another non- genesis, the Sega Saturn 3. The console offered many features that were not available on other non-conventional consoles, such as slot loaders, texture canceling, and expansion ports. The 3 Saturns were also the first consoles to receive two CDs instead of four discs. Unfortunately, the Sega Saturn was ultimately killed by the PlayStation 2, but its parts have been included in the PlayStation 3 console.


The XBox 360 has been Gamers’ favorite console since its release. It has a wide variety of games available for it within theapesoce range. The console has been sold in the millions and continues to outsell consoles from Nintendo and Sony. One of the aspects of the XBox 360 that has made it so popular is its wide array of game Sonys available.

For example, the XBox 360 has tons of Nintendo fun games such as Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Many a times the list of fun games for the XBox 360 are shorter than for Nintendo. For example, Microsoft’s XBox 360 come with Halo 3 and Portal 2 as part of its initial hardware bundle.


For those who enjoy playing Reading Processing Unit Computer games, XBox may have the widest array of fun reading games for the PC that can be played with. Besides, getting a wide variety of games to read with on the XBox 360 can make a huge library with many of the PC reading games that users can get at a much cheaper price.

XBox 360 Downloads Video Games

One of the more popular aspects of the XBox 360 is that it has a lot of XBox 360 downloads for games,you can get these games at a much faster download time compare to downloading a game normally. For example, you can get 12 different games of a single game for only a few buck.

In summary, sometimes it is not easy to have a lot of gaming fun if you stay within your home. In these circumstances, downloading XBox 360 games can prove a great alternative. Aside from gaming diversion, xBox 360 also lends itself to other uses for you like converting your videos and viewing photos.

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