Using Social Proof

Using Social Proof

Using Social Proof

Using Social Proof

How to Seduce Women by Using Social Proof

How to seduce women in the real world


How to seduce women by using social proof. This is a very interesting subject, and it has a lot to do with the nuts and bolts of dating.


In the social community, there is no such thing as Mr. Pickup. There is no Mr. Real. It is very important not to lose site of the fact that pickup is a pretentious term. Once you understand that it comes from the moolah, and the gurus of the pickup community will be thrilled with you.


So, what does this mean?


The fact of the matter is that EVERY GUY who is successful with women is a pickup artist. I don’t care how good looking, tall, strong, or how much money he has.




Because what they DO is adapt to the needs of his particular environment.


The end goal is to have the desired results in a short period of time.


And the environment is the company he is in.Using Social ProofUsing Social ProofUsing Social Proof

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So whenever you meet a women, and you’ve been able to have some playful banter, and some physical connection, as well as rapport, you have ALREADY succeeded.


UNLESS you are a total and complete jerk.


If you are a jerk, she won’t feel attracted to you.


If you are shy, she won’t feel attracted to you.


And if you DO steal a kiss from her at some point, she won’t feel attracted to you.


Short of that, no matter what you look like, how nice your job is, or how much money you have, no matter what your social status is, you WILL be able to succeed with the SHE.


The interesting thing is that nobody really touches how to seduce women in the real world. Most guides out there are written by men. They are written by men who USED to be good with women before.


And we all know how painful that is. We all assume that every guide out there is written by man just like us.


But guess what?


There is a HUGE difference between a man who has been successful with women before, and a man who will succeed with women now.


Every guide out there will give you the general structure of what you must do. Short of reading every last detail of every guide, there is NO WAY you can have success.


But I’ve got news for you.


The difference between a successful man, and the unsuccessful man is designing the exact type of lifestyle that a successful man has.


So if you invest in your platform of success, and make it so great that you will be naturally attractive to women, you will BEGIN to see success.


To begin seeing that you CAN succeed with women, you must first put down the term “failure” in your mind. You must have the firm belief that failure is not an option, but a useful path to success.


A strong belief in this, will prevent you from giving up too easily at the first sign of some trouble. Goodbyewordpress. yell out “failure” at the first sign of trouble.


Failure is not a negative word, it is merely a tasty drink. Warning – the first time you give in to it, it’ll be very bitter.


Let’s say you decided not to buy a guide. Okay, let me tell you what you are REALLY doing. You are letting go of a valuable asset. Your time. Your personal advancement. Your personal attractiveness.


And guess what? Just like a fat, balding, and particularly bitter old man views the matter, so does a young buck.


(I should have some recent news here)


There are plenty of guides out there. A really good guide will save you hundreds. preferably thousands. Guide by eHarmony. Guide by herpes dating. Guide sold by Amazon. And there is one I’ve read that I believe could save me a couple hundred bucks. Yes, hundreds. I read it in a recent newsletter and for a mere hundred I got a review. Not a bad deal, I suppose.


If you do decide to get that guide. How soon should you read it and how soon should you review it?


I can only tell you how long to wait before you feel comfortable enough to call a girl up, have a two hour long conversation on the phone, and possibly meet her in person.


But again, what I’m getting at is how soon is too soon.


The point is to be patient.


That’s the key.


Focus on developing a relationship, not a mere sexual hook up. I’m the only guy whose opinion I trust on this one. ( haircut, lol ) But it’s the truth.


So, how do you develop a relationship?



Using Social Proof