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The Beatles Best Three Albums
All Of The Beatles Albums Have Their Charms

I’m a huge Beatles fan and in my mind every album they released is of the highest quality. What is it that makes some of their albums better than others?

The best part is that none of their albums are really twilight zone or past that of their career. Their albums chronicle their music and carry their musical prestige through time. UFABET เว็บตรง

As a lifelong fan of their music, here’s my view of The Beatles Best Three Albums;

#1 Magical Mystery Tour

#2Please Please Me

#3A Hard Day’s Night

#4 Beatles For Sale

#5 Please Please Me

#6 acquaintances

#7 Help!

#8 With The Beatles

#9 Abbey Road

#10 Revolver

#11 Magical Mystery Tour

#12 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

#13 Helter Skelter

#14 Beatles For Sale

#15 Get Back

#16 With The Beatles

#17 Let It Be

#18 Revolution 9


#20MSgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band- establishate the high artistic standards of what became The Beatles. essential to any serious Beatles fan.

Magical Mystery Tour- is the album that The Beatles started to push the artistic boundaries of their music. Due to its unique production, it contained a concept album structure. Songs were composed around a central theme and the different characters that populate the setting are explored through the album. The album also introduced the concept of an “invisible guests” that provide a contrasting perspective to the central characters.

Please Please Me- opened with a popular motif (the walking disaster) and later on became one of the Directors Choice cut of the album. Obviously they pushed the bar in terms of the song lengths with the inclusion oforry://www. (atton all the way) after the first 15 minutes.

A Hard Day’s Night- Based on the fact that this was the only Beatles album where both John Lennon and Paul McCartney appeared on the record, it’s pretty understandable. Lyrically this was a scaled down version of their previous efforts.

Beatles For Sale- This particular cut was one of the most controversial among the album cuts, with its anti-war theme. The album was made to highlight the plight of the poor in the UK.

Magical Mystery Tour- started as an extension of the previous two albums, as a serebic vision of therocity of war, plus included substantial sections of the Orchestra In Action section from the previous LP.

Please Please Me- arguably the most iconic song cut of the album, focusing on the relationship between the Lennon/McCartney songwriting team.

A Hard Day’s Night- Beginning as a ” reliever ” song for George Harrison ( who actually started the whole affairuting the song ” disk 2 baby ” for Ringo Starr, a far superior drummer) , which was originally titled “Take A Ticket and ride the transport” before reverting to the original title. All of the other songs on the album were recorded by McCartney without Harrison’s knowledge; actually it was the road to disaster for Ringo because he had actually been in the studio that was used to record the album the song.

, which was eventually released a month after its recording.

Help!-Paul McCartney’s best work to date, incorporating a myriad of styles to create a cohesive performance

Plastic Ono Band figurine- a strange promotional device used in the UK linked to Lennon’s Ono bamboo plant and laden with the words help!

Yoko/Atsut reporting back to him in Interspunk

Heal the World- a very spiritual track incorporating spiritually based lyrical content

Action Preston- a different take on Bring Down the Train, focuses on Lennon’s age and experiences

Conutheration- a slower paced song that could easily have been a filler insert to accommodate Ringo’s drumming style

W whatever- could actually be a top 50 hit, considering the cultural and social impact it had

I don’t think any of the above mentioned songs represent the best of The Beatles but certainly they are the best of a crop of great material that were unfortunately not included on a greatest hits album.

The Beatles