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10 Ways to Keep Your Partner Happy

As I’m sure you know, relationships mean a lot to you and your partner. It’s why you decide to take things slow, and work so hard to keeping your relationship in great shape. You want it to be the best it can be and the more you try to please and maintain your partner, the better your relationship will be. I certainly agree, as much as you would love your partner to be completely into you, you don’t want them to be unhappy either. So, how do you ensure that your partner is happy within the relationship?


10 Ways to Keep Your Partner Happy UFABET เว็บตรง Partner Happy


1. Feed them. I’m not talking about your typical compassionate Feed Me. I’m talking about food. Everyone likes food to some degree. Your partner is no exception. Asking what kind of food they like when you are both in the restaurant or in the supermarket is a great way to get to know each other better. Partner Happy


2. Allow them to be kids. Well, not in the sense of letting them act all childlike and silly, but most of us don’t want to see football on the television before we head to bed. Partner Happy


3. Look after them. Your partner can be very demanding when it comes to taking care of any little details, evidently. Let them do the washing up at least! They might not want to, but wouldn’t you love to see them putting that towel away and relaxing? I think you would. Partner Happy


4. See their points of view. A lot of us don’t actually agree with each other, and that’s fine – it’s even better when you can put your point of view aside and listen to what they have to say. Partner Happy


5. Hate sports! Okay, well, not everyone hates sports, but I would have to ask, do you both work in the same professional sports league and you listen to the same radio shows? I’m not asking you to love sports, but I would like you to acknowledge that it’s a major part of the life of your partner and that you need to accept it. Do their opinions matter? Of course they do! For many of us we were envious of that Athletes League wiped from our minds when we were kids, and we wished you could switch as well.


6. Make them happy! This could be easier when you have been together for a while. The more you do little things for them, the more they will do little things for you. Remember and especially appreciate the small thank you you get for the trouble you went to for their favourite meal or how much you love the fact that they chose to leave it resting before bed.


7. Look after them. We don’t all have the money to pay for private nurses and mansions, but we do have responsibilities. It maybe intimidating for some of your partner’s friends or family to see you out in public with the significant other. What they see might not be everyone’s taste, but it can be enough to say, you care.


8. Let them watch whatever they want. Whatever they like really, entertainment is free, so why not allow them to like whatever they want? They might not appreciate crass television hours, but as long as they are happy watching your favourite program, I can live with it.


9. Put your relationship first. The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. What I mean by that is, remember to set aside time for your partner, have them with you, and not everything else. Your partner wants and needs to know that you place a priority on them, whatever they need or require.


10. Celebrate! Ahh, nothing quite says “I love you” like a big old frown. Things can get shaky in relationships and our apprehension and fear can make things worse, as a couple. What I’m trying to say, though, is the least you can do is celebrate your relationship with your partner when they do something that you both find exciting or exceptional. If they have a house party and you don’t want to go, that’s okay. If you miss a flight, let them know and maybe they will forgive you, too! In all relationships, communication is key. Put your problems aside for a while and try to savour the relationship.

Partner Happy