Mulch – $30, or FREE?
Think of all the times you’ve gone to your hardware store and spent anywhere from $20 to $150 on mulch. It is important, after all – it keeps the weeds down, helps your watering, and keeps pests away from digging into your plants. What you didn’t think about is that you can get as much mulch as you want – for free. Everyone likes free things.  สล็อตเว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์

Some of you mow your lawns weekly, like I do. You want it to look nice, so you bag it right away and either store it for compost (yes, you should turn your grass into compost) or get rid of it. An easy method of mulching is just to leave the grass where it lies. Don’t bag it every single time. You will be amazed at how much better your lawn will grow. Less weeds, less water evaporation – that means greener grass.

Now, you’ve gone a few weeks without bagging. That is usually how I do it, about 3 weeks without the bag, 3 with, so on and so forth. You look over to your garden and see it is being invaded with weeds. Time to go to work. You know as you sit there how much easier it is to just pull the weeds out of the ground and straight away rather than dealing with them piece by piece.

The next big rain will wash the dirt from your weeds and exposing them for the birds. During the winter, you can’t mow them because it will get pretty messy.

There are so many tools and accessories to choose from when it comes to mulching your yard. I am a little spoiled for choice. You can use a broad spectrum of products from candy Stores to aquarium gravel. I prefer candy store flowers (in my experience anyway) because the pollen is less harsh. I know that sounds silly, but it’s true – a pack of Choc-O-Choco will treat us all nicely.arrow



ding dandelions


ding flattened petunias

ding straw

Ask your landscape service what is best for your situation. Determine what you would like to achieve. You may be asking for a variety of effects, and that depends a lot on what you have available. There may be a spot in your yard for a huge tree, or a beautiful flower meadow. Maybe you just want some lavender for the edges of your drive. A weedbird meadow is the perfect place for your new garden. Maybe you just want to separate the kids from the street. You can make that happen in your yard.

When you choose your mulch, you’ll want to consider what you will be doing with it in the summer and spring. Some mulch is going to be hot in the summer, and heavy in the spring so you’ll need something a little more light-weight, and maybe a little less bulky.

Arborvitae, Juniper, Blue Boy/Whiteodge Pine, Western Red Cedar,ixture, Spruce by Western eyewear,Small Pebbles/Rocks, some Looses, maybe some Turkey Ivy for an underline, are a few more.

Plus, add in the Garden Art, and you’re sure to spark a new appreciation of the art of gardening.

That’s what we’ll give you in this two part series. We’ll manage the weeds, figure out what we’re going to do with the wood (agardendrating), calender, and garden art. By the end of the series, you’ll have a plan set up to make your own little paradise.

Oh, and just for your reference, here’s theingo series:

Too good to be true? I’m afraid, yes. But that’s another series all about making your own little paradise.

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countdown to mulching your driveways Part II

Which will you choose?

to bag/paint (with possibly no odor)

to bag/paint (with possible odor)

to bag/paint (the use of odor repellents)