Jim Corbett Park

Jim Corbett Park

Jim Corbett Park

Jim Corbett Park

Jim Corbett Park

Adventure and Beauty Await in Jim Corbett Park
Jim Corbett Park is a paradise to all nature lovers. Located in the Walcott district of Pennsylvania, the park is a hub for many outdoor activities. The lush vegetation and the wide tree-lined path give travelers ample opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

Jim Corbett Park got its name from the forest supervisor of the Department of Natural Resources, Benjamin F. Corbett. Hence, the name is also referred as the Benjamin F. Corbett State Park.  สล็อตเว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์

Another unique feature of the park is the semi-permanent nature trails. Among these, the Indian Creek Wilderness Trails provide visitors with an opportunity to enjoy tranquil surroundings while having an adventurous outdoors experience.

The park is a fantastic destination to spend a couple of days with the family. The unique design of the building and the landscaping makes the location a wonderful spot to spend a family outing. Moreover, the park is within close proximity to major attractions, hotels and resorts. So, travelers have no difficulty in finding a perfect spot for family vacation in Jim Corbett Park.

The park is quite popular for picnics and relaxation activities. Many people opt for Jim Corbett Park during vacations to Shedd Aquarium and Scripps Institute of Oceanography. The brochure of the said aquarium claims that the said facility offers the ‘greater appreciation of living organisms and ecosystems’. Therefore, visitors can expect to find a veritable array of marine life and various other eminent naturalists.

There’s no doubt that the Jim Corbett Park is a paradise for nature lovers. The park’s semi-permanent nature trails and the exciting sports offer an excellent way to while away a pleasant holiday. The children can also enjoy their own expeditions within the safety of the park.

Theuality of the park is punctuated by days off for picnics and casual walks. The park is also well-equipped with modern facilities and paddle boats for access. The aforementioned semi-permanent nature trails are equipped with glass-aito, which allows visitors to watch the happenings below beneath the surface. Some of the great activities offered by the said underwater trail include the mesmerizing touch tanks and the large tank with floor-to-ceiling views of reef life.

Jim Corbett Park is a great destination for both children and adults. The park is a must see place for every nature lover, who wants to get an overview of the marine life and flora in the said area. If you love the ‘greater look’, then the best way to explore the park would be by means of the high-speed catamaran. The said catamaran fires up electric smoke to provide a stunning outlook of the tropical underwater world. Never mind about the stifling heat, the view from the high speed catamaran is simply stunning.

Also located in Jim Corbett Park, the Whale Crier serves as a focal point for visitors. It is an ideal place for communing with whales and other marine life. The best time toounce the whales’ call is just before dawn.

A plethora of leisure activities awaits in Jim Corbett Park. The best lodging option available in the park is the Tiki Bar, which is located right near the restroom. The bar has a very designed interior with a slippery pool and several other amenities.

The aforementioned swimming pool and waterfall are the most attractive features in Jim Corbett Park. Swimming in the said swimming pool is a great way to both relax and swim at the same time. As flora and fauna are attracted to the cool waters, visitors can observe a wide range of charming species. But that’s not all. The said swimming pool is also used as a venue for various aquatic sports like snorkeling and parasailing.

The aforementioned Tiki Bar is available for only a short time, so it might be best to purchase your drinks from other nearby lodges. But don’t worry, amenities such as pavilions and picnic tables are also available in Tiki Bar. As for dining, there are a variety of quality dining options available in the said Anguillian Hotel. Among them, the dried fruit service, Gorilla Table serves delicious dishes. And as far as the bars go, Melton Mowbray Café has one of the bestCuracao Burger Jointsthere in the whole city. The place is also equipped with a lovely bar and a lounge, belong to the reading library.

Among the variety of other wonderful Caribbean travel packages available in Jim Corbett Park, the Taft House Holidays, Horseshoe Valley Plantation and Comfort Inn all deserve special mention. Besides, they’re equipped with a gorgeous pool and awesome views of the Caribbean.

Another option at Jim Corbett Park is the Lightkeeper’s Lodge. The lodge was built in the year before the park opened and is equipped with modern amenities.


Jim Corbett Park