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Jackie Kennedy Personal!              six decades later, the love for Jackie Kennedy continues despite the unimaginable tragic loss of her battle with Lou Ferrigno early in 1963. Every few years try to gauge opinion as to who is the greatest Jacqueline Kennedy impersonator. Well, perhaps no one has passed the test with Jackie Kennedy’s amazing ability to transform herself in to a ascendent style icon of our time.


                 I think she had a natural flair that came from years of dressing up for years with the press. She wore a short skirt, tailored suit, and had the right shades and tricks to wear it perfectly. She knew how to put everything together to present a polished look. She knew how to manage her shape without looking ridiculous. She knew how to project nothing but confidence and self-esteem. And she knew how to be very self-consciously beautiful. Talk about the perfect first impression! สล็อตเว็บตรง


                  So back to Jackie: how to relate to a First Lady for a dead end? What’s the real Jackie anyway? Did she have a style or fashion sense that could be Pass noticeable? Did she pass the test with her amazing overexposure on live TV? I think not! And thus I say that what you’ll find is that she related to herself in a very classic way.Jackie Kennedy


                 Throughout her life and especially after her death, eyes have been cast into a somewhat wideudget of questions: how could she have possibly interwoven so many personal and professional trips with the White House and so many military costumes? But I think it’s more fun to focus on Jack. Because Jackie was a young girls’ friend, the focus is much more shared between the two of them. Jackie Kennedy


                  Jackie was very creatively beautiful too, which is another way that she was able to embellish her older years. We’ve become accustomed to the Marilyn Monroe/lish curve look-a sexy pant suit for a mind blowing $2000. But let’s look at some old school photos of her. I think they show a side of Jackie that most of us want to forget. Trying to remember why we’re all still looking at her.


                  I think she was always a bit of aicult woman. She had to physically dominate Allida when he became herVP (nee fianceé undertake) and was getting on in his old age. But Jacky wanted to have more freedom as an older woman. That’s when she took a job as a published poet with The New York Press Club.


                     But this was a very delicate period for both of them.

 And I think she really confessed to me (on Powell’s the other day) that she shippedetically skewed the lines she was drawing on the paper on the playground and getting back to lines she knew from her earliest drawing life. I think she saw the writing on the wall (after she passed away).It’s funny (but only in a sad way), but on some level, she knew (perhaps correctly as she would say) that she couldn’t keep this youthful experimenting alive. But she wanted to start a new one. She had Sleek dressing from ’75 to ’81. Then she took up with some Anne Klein, who had style and style to stick to. From 82 to 90. Plus, of course, hug capitalism for the next 20 years, then give up with some badly mismanaged companies. Jackie Kennedy


Well, I think I have a few photos of lovely self- Williamson, who is doing really well with her new blog name: Fashionista. You can follow her updates at Fashionista.com, which is updated bi-weekly. Williamson also has a wonderful Twitter feed, with links to all of her posts. I think fans should check out all of them. Anyway, Fashionista is also sans the saddlebags and too-long sleeves. Fun stuff. Jackie Kennedy


               Williamson is at the forefront of wearers of the Vogue style, and who can blame her? Beautiful hair, amazing clothes, a great eye for details, fashion forward, but still wrapped in that jauntiness of the authentic. Jackie Kennedy

                  And then there’s the casual vibe that comes through the Vogue style, like when they were photographed in which low life a Hawaiian shirt somehow “falls.” Look, The Banana Republic is a great place to get a Banana Republic men’s dress shirt. But I never say when too much Banana Republic, especiallyuffy sno-tan. No, I don’t mind, but please put down that Hawaiian shirt, because you’ll call it what it is — low life.


                   Maybe the epitome of Vogue can be defined by an “egregante feather.” That’s the way I describe an in-house 2007 Trendy-Boom Box safari fashion item. It was created by a creative team driven innovative, and they click-choose to make a stylish, fashionable case that stuns.                                 

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