How to Play scheme

How to Play scheme

How to Play scheme

How to Play scheme

How to Play scheme vs. Man to Man

Playing man to man defense against every defender that comes your way is the simplest way to stop the fast break. Every defender focuses on restricting penetration from one side to the other, therefore leaving you unbalanced. Two outsides are a good start, but you must work your way into three.

I’ll describe two situations: one where you play “deep” and the other where you play “wide”.

Play Against Man to Man Defending Teams

How to Play scheme

You should try to avoid playing against teams that play man to man defense. Your inside-out movement is too slow and too easy for them to shut down. They will ride your offensive side to the basket or slow you down with switch cuts.

How to Play scheme

Your biggest flaw is your weak side, as defenses that choose to play man to man willcycles through on their defensive radar and read you like a hot summer boy. Therefore, you need to focus on cutting off screens in order to defeat zone defense. You can also choose to Overscore and go through various screens. Be careful, though, because teams that play man to man are not aggressive enough to totally expose your weaknesses.

How to Play scheme

Play Against teams That Play Zone

How to Play scheme

This is a special case. While most teams will drop more Leonard, Gadfrog, Wonder Bread and whoever you like down low, there is a small handful of post-up perimeter players who are sound enough to defend the post against zone teams. Your responsibility is to stop everyone but these guys. If you can accomplish this, you will be in much better shape than the opponent. If not, you still have a couple of options.

You can punish teams that play man to สล็อตเว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์ man by attacking them in space. One way to do this is to screen all of the post players and then sink a Paul kick to the basketball hoop. If you do this early in the game, the defense is probably more drawn to the screen, so you have a much better chance of getting a stop.

Another way to attack zone defenses is through mid-range jump balls in hopes of drawing double teams. When a defender is “borrowing” a pass from one of his teammates, you can toss the ball to the open man. When he gets caught unaware, the defense will have to react quickly in order to cover the screen, and leave their best defender unblocked.

Steps to Play Man to Man Defense

Deep-Half Defense

1. Defense is done depthwise.

2. When you are under the basket, you will want to stay with the play as long as possible. That means staying on the defensive board even if the players are passing the ball around the perimeter. When you are defending the perimeter, you are trying to stop the ball before it gets into the post. This will prevent easy scoring and keep you in the possession of the ball.

3. Defense starts on the ball. As your man steps toward you, you do everything you can to stop him.

4. You want to stay with your man until he is no longer able to pass the ball. You will end up ” Jaime F Creating space for your rotations.

5. Continue to play deep, and never switch to the block. Keep an eye on when the screener is in, so you have enough time to get back and guard him.

Quarter by Quarter Defense

1. For every rebound, you want to clear the forward as best way to control any fast break.

2. Play with pressure, and never relax your defense. Make them cough up the ball.

3. Your mindset is the same, you are trying to slow the game down and play defense.

4. Often times the offense will use a shooter or a penetration player to get the ball down where the defense is not as strong. When this is the case, you want to down block. This means sagging at least one body.

5. Again, you will want to stay with your man until he cannot pass the ball.

6. When you switch, you want the sagging player to stay with you until he passes the ball, and then he goes if he goes to the corner. If the player fake, you want to stay with him until he uses up his energy. If he turns down the floor, you want to find another player who can replace him.

7. Always be alert to screen whether the shot is taken.

8. Always be in the hurry mode. We live in a world where speeding is often an acceptable way to get around a defender.

9. When going for the rebound, be aggressive and try to force an offensive player to pass.

10. Play on both sides of the floor. Don’t think you are Superman, even if you are and everyone else is not. I guarantee no Man to Man player will give a pass up in his area.

How to Play scheme