Healthy Food Healthy You

Healthy Food Healthy You

Healthy Food Healthy You

Healthy Food Healthy You

 Healthy Food = Healthy You

Maybe you already noticed how much your diet influences you. Eating what you like is a good thing, up to a certain point.

It’s possible that you eat the right food for your body. Is it also the right one for your mind?

Do you feel anxiety coming up after you have eaten certain food?

You should try to watch whether your food, or certain food stuff triggers your anxiety. This might be the case with caffeinated drinks and foods. Caffeine is no good for people who suffer from anxiety. It’s better to drink a coffee made of toasted barley which doesn’t influence your nervous system.

You can test your food. Eat what you have always eaten, for a period of 2 to 3 weeks. Don’t add other food. When you get aware of more anxiety after certain meals or certain food stuff, don’t eat them any longer. You can then replace those foods. Find out, of what type they are. (proteins, carbohydrates, fats)

Instead of eating wheat products, change to oak meal or to rye products. Even soy products can replace wheat.

One good advice: eat your salad after having eaten your meat, your fish or your pasta. Salad is watery, especially if you add some spinach. It helps you digest your meal.

If you change to those foods, you’ll be glad you did. Especially if you feel anxiety coming up after you have eaten particular foods, and you don’t know why.

An anxiety disorder is a complex problem. UFABET เว็บตรง It involves bodily reactions and psychological ones. To understand it, you need to understand these aspects.

The main issue concerns your anxiety. To feel anxiety, your body has to raise the adrenaline levels. This does not only give the feeling of excitement, or lift your mood. It also helps you fight diseases. Our body lowers the adrenaline artificially, when we are exposed to heights and other dangerous situations. That is one of the reasons why people are anxious when they have high temperatures.

sweating is one of the feelings that produce anxiety. Carrying those extra pounds makes the heart work harder. That said, it also lowers the blood circulation. And as a result, your blood sugar levels increase, accompanied by soaring sugar levels in your body.

While high temperatures and stress are stressful, they are also necessary in order to carry out our activities. Without them, we feel tired and sluggish.

That is why it is important to know that anxiety can be controlled. This is possible by laminating your stress such as work, study, driving, and the like. On the other hand, anxiety comes from without anyvicarcy.

Be sure that you are able to meet your match. beetroot, blackberry and kiwi are excellent for lowering anxiety. And, not only that. They also improve brain function and memory.

Beetroot-antioxidant level in the human body is 10 times higher then that of human. It not only improves physical but also mental power.

Blackberry-berry level in the body is 10 times higher then that of human. It has been proved that it helps to protect cells from cancer andikes the damage of Alzheimer’s disease.

Kiwi-antioxidant level in the human body is 3 times higher then that of human. It is very good for heart health and anti-aging.

Now you may understand that seafood has certain level of protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, iron,italianand vitamins. Based on nutritional level, caviar is the most expensive food in the world.

Even though it is very expensive, yet people keep it in their stomach every day. As a result, many people are always looking for a way to get their dose of caviar.

In fact, aside from the main food recommended by nutritionists and doctors, caviar is one of the tastiest and also one of the most expensive foods you can find in the world.





Healthy Food Healthy You

The Tomato

The English word tomato comes from the Spanish tomati. The tomato is a small, abundant fruit shaped like a pear with a skin that is deep yellow, easy to pick out by touch and with a somewhat crumpled shape. The tomato is native to the western and southern Asia and was brought to Europe by the Portuguese in the early 1500’s. The fruit was stripped of its leaves when it became too hot and spicy for cultivation and now serves as a vegetable, eaten raw, or cooked. The tomato is a fruit with a strong flavor and is high in beta-carotene and vitamin C. The red ones contain vitamin C more than the green ones. They also contain oxalic acid and vitamin C, potassium, iron, calcium, manganese, magnesium, iodine, copper, selenium and zinc. Research has shown that the human body only needs to be fed store amounts of vitamin C, beta-carotene and potassium for a week. At the same time too much salt and sugar can be harmful for your health. Salt can increase blood pressure and is known to cause strokes. Sugars can cause diseases such as diabetes, obesity and can contribute to heart disease. Instead of salt try low salt or even fat free salt, and also milk low in fat, which will also lower your levels of blood pressure and help you lose weight. The next time you go shopping, check the label and see if you are buying an organic or local product. Organic farming is controlled by a strict set of rules and regulations. Find out what is in your fluid such as diet soft drink, not just the salt content, as it also contains other chemical preservatives and synthetic nutrients. Think about what you are eating and if you are putting harmful chemicals or pesticides in it. You can easily get harmful toxins from the environment in the air and soil, and also from human bodies. Farmers don’t spray crop-destroying chemicals and fertilizers through the air into the surrounding environment. Instead they use natural means such as crop rotation and mulching to control weeds. To get the most out of all the natural produce, one should buy organic not only for the sake of the environment but also for the reason that organic food is healthier for you. Organic foods are all about preserving the natural balance of ecosystem. Another important reason to buy organic is to help you avoid pesticides and chemical fertilizers. While they are better for producing food, they are toxic to the human body and set off diseases. Buy organic so that you can avoid this harmful cycle. The last reason to buy organic is to eat only fruits and vegetables that have been grown organically. While some people can’t stomach the taste of organic foods, most people can’t stomach the taste of non-organic foods, so they have to be cooked and processed to be eaten. However, if you can’t buy organic then it is best to buy fruits and vegetables that have been produced in a chemical free environment. This is where farmers markets are excellent. They organically grow food and offer food that is fresh, organic, and free from additives and preservatives. Local farmers markets are excellent also, as they often have locally grown organic products. It is very easy to get to a farmers market, and once you get there, ask about your produce. Organic is an option you should consider, as farmer’s markets offer you the greatest chance of getting the freshest product possible. Did you know that you can even get organic milk through the grocery stores? In fact, there are a number of milk products available that are actually organic. These include cheese, yogurt, and even butter. This is possible because dairy products are raised without the hormone DHA and other harmful chemicals. One other place where organic foods are offered is at upscale restaurants. Yes, restaurants have been incorporating organic food on their menu’s, and quite a few have chosen to remove meats from their regular dishes entirely. At these restaurants, they can definitely offer you a healthier menu of natural grown foods. Even though organic foods taste better and are simply tastier, they are also very different from the typical foods we are familiar with. They offer a great deal of health benefits such as better tasting food, better for your body, and a healthier environment. You can be pleasantly surprised at the wonderful changes you have on your cooking, and other foods, as you begin to incorporate organic offerings. You will even be surprised at how much better your body feels after beginning to eat a more organic diet.
The Tomato