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Hello from Austria – A Country Excursion to the Wild Drakensberg

Last night’s dinner in the “Gourmet cuisine” restaurant in cozy Graz turned out to be a real treat. The vegetarian chef mixed delicious vegetarian dishes with traditional Austrian dishes and presented a splendid collection of grilled meats. Any non-vegetarian visitor to Graz is highly recommended to try these dishes.

The next morning I got up early, actually an hour earlier than my usual start time. I drove along the scenic A7 highway with my rented blackBerms(TM) at my side. About an hour later I had reached my friend in Vienna and I was going to have lunch at the “rotechnicke Stube”, one of Graz’s most renowned restaurants. The building is located on the right side of the university and surrounded by the Graz’s Old Town, so the traffic during my lunch hour was minimal and on the sidewalk was a nice place to watch passing cars and motorbikes.

The interior of the restaurant was decorated with red, white and yellow colors and I had just noticed that there was a man with a red hat and a red scarf walking around the restaurant. He looked like what I call a fortress foreigner – he was also quiet and walked away after a while.

I had a good view over the university, but realized that the light was not really shining from under the “modern” multi-story flyovers, but from some distance away. My Austrian friend also commented on how much bigger the flyover structures were looking, compared to the old building structures.

After lunch we went on a little drive in the neighbourhood and drove down to the beside of the River Elbe. The scenic view towards the river and the mountains was simply wonderful.

Often we chat about Austria and love to compare our respective countries. What we concluded was that both countries have a lot of history, architecture, culture and cuisine and that combination is simply amazing.

The centre of Graz is very compact and if you move a little east, you will find the old town centre. You will also find the Graz Zoo there and it is a place my family and I definitely recommend. The zoo is small, but still contains many animals that are important for the region.

To the east of Graz, you will find the “Mountain District” with its Tatra mountains, also called “Korikaner”. We have never seen such beautiful scenery anywhere in the world and it was simply breathtaking.

Of course, Graz is also known for its skiing. In winter, it will be 25-30 degrees centigrade and in summer, it can reach up to around 26 degrees centigrade.

The “Romance” Graz Zoo is also very popular. It contains thousands of animals and, needless to say, it is also a great zoo to go to if you are interested in keeping an open-air zoo.

Unlike theVienna zoo,the Kleine Zollhaus is a natural park and is the perfect place for wildlife lovers.

It was also interesting to see hundreds of wild animals, UFABET เว็บตรง


 some of them baby animals, being shown and exhibited at the Zurich Zoo. It’s well-known for featuring dolphins, which perform various acrobatic tricks in its aquarium. Dionisius once told me that the dolphins were taught by the zookeepers: “Two beers it is a cork! Two beers it is wine!”

Another interesting exhibit was the Flight simulator, a real working airplane. The zoo offers a variety of rides, both old-fashioned and new-generation.

Zurich Zoo is also the largest zoo in Switzerland, and the seventh largest in Europe, located at Diparto, 14000 Zurich. The facility first opened in 1884 and is still one of the most popular zoo.

The zoo has a magnificent mammals section, a forest section with walking trails, a large aviary, a small arena for group sessions, a petting zoo and much more.

The Aquarium is located next to the Oceanarium and is the place where you can find some of the big cats, lions, tigers and giraffes.

The Zoo has a Climax theatre, which is used every day at 3pm. Adults pay entrance fee and show an film in a high quality sound – theatre-style.

Overall, the zoo has many varied and spectacular attractions for the whole family. With it lying in a picturesque position by the side of the Alps, it’s no wonder that it holds its own as one of the best zoos in Europe.





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