Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial Sweeteners

A Think Piece – Artificial Sweeteners

         Over the years I have been watching the many commercials that they air during the 7 days of Christmas. It is truly amazing to see so many different types of sweeteners that are being used. I would like to share a few thoughts about artificial sweeteners and why you may or may not be seeing them around as you shop.

Advantages of Sugar

   Compliments from friends and family are things that we appreciate and we reward them for it. So it is a natural phenomemon to add sugar to treats and beverages that will excite those tastes. It does not have the harmful effects of many of the artificial sweeteners that are used.

The Sweetness of Syrup

    Most people do not like the taste of table sugar, preferring instead to use artificial sweeteners. However, the sweet taste of syrup is often considered to be a ‘loved one’ ingredient, something that sweet acquaintances will be thrilled to add to their mixes. However, the taste is not quite as sweet as what you may think, and the calories can be a concern for weight conscious people.

        Compared to table sugar, syrup has a much higher boiling point so it needs to be heated before it is considered for use. It is also denser than the juice so it is expected to cause more liquid to be used when making it to drink. On the other hand, table sugar is a little more soluble so it is lighter to be able to dissolve in water. 

                As a result the amount of liquid it takes to make the syrup will definitely lessen as it boils. As the sugar boils it is important that it not be allowed to become too hot as it could spoil the syrup. The disadvantage of using table sugar is that many times it is a byproduct of sugar beet processing and therefore the calories in it are high.

Using artificial sweeteners is one way to avoid sugar but you are definitely going to pay a price for the flavor. This is why some of the better known brands that offer these products do so with aBy Presto(TM) or Powdered Oxygenator(TM)

Energy or Exercise?

       Many who turn to energy drinks because it สล็อตเว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์ allows them to stay hydrated during training or competitions. While these drinks do give you the option of staying hydrated you are putting your health at risk if you drink too many. Drinks that contain 5 health ingredients are made from the healthiest ingredients that can help you stay energized without the risk of dehydration. 

            These 5 different ingredients do not include sugar, which is usually the top ingredient and the calories are minimal which makes it a great option for people who are trying to lose weight.

The Cost of Beverages

      Beverages are very expensive and the more you drink them the more you are going to need to pay for them. Over time you may be surprised to find out that you are spending more than you normally would on coffee, soda, and other drinks. The upside is that these beverages can help you save money if you are planning on utilizing them to replace meals.

           Saving money on beverages is actually a good cause to using energy drinks. With the knowledge that you are likely to be spending over $1000 per year on beverages you can easily see how it makes sense to purchase everything you will need primarily in this category.

The Best Energy Drinks

           It is important to analyze your energy requirements. Finding the right combination of foods and drinks that will effectively provide the many energy levels you are likely to be experiencing will require a bit of planning. 

                Tap into the many warnings and suggestions that appear in your local newspapers and internet forums. Get your body and mind ready for an icy cold new experience with suited foods and drinks that will have you believing you have had a completely relaxing and enjoyable day.

Artificial Sweeteners