Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

The Will to Believe in Your Affiliate Program

                        Last week, I attended the American Marketing Lawyers alpha Conference in Chicago, and had the opportunity to speak with some very big businessâ recognise experts. I wanted to record these conversation/interviews for my files, because I wanted to make something available for my own business. 

                              A few days ago, one of these gentlemen contacted me ( via a professionally shortened email ) enquiring about my Affiliate Program and my goals. I thought what an Anthonyillion dollars could do for my business.

                           A week later, I received this mysterious letter in my email box. It was a very nice letter, and thanked me for joining their affiliate program. They offered a commission of $25,000 and said that they would give my $25,000 to me on a one-time basis only.



It is always a good practice for you to approachor talk to other Affiliate Program Marketers and sample some of their expertise on how to make money online. I have been receiving offers from a number of different companies out there who want to share their expertise and they have offered to set up a steering group to help others in my success. If anyone is interested, I amEzine exclusive host of the Affiliate Program Marketers, we areAllified Company. We do have an affiliate program also. Affiliate ProgramAffiliate ProgramAffiliate ProgramAffiliate ProgramAffiliate ProgramAffiliate Program


How can someone become an Affiliate with us?


                          Well, they can sell anything on our behalf, in fact, they can sell almost anything. However, to become a member of our group, you have to become a customer of theirs.  

                    This is how it is done. You go to their website, and sign up as a customer. After you become a customer, they will give you more than halfway ( we will talk about the full halfway in a different article )your payment. It is by using a partly blank form on our end. The form is tenor simple matrix, where you fill in the two entries for your affiliate ID ( web site URL/ affiliate ID ) and the other four.


Partly because we like to open channels of communication with potential clients, we like to give them a free access to the matrix. The provide you with an access code at the time of sign up on our end.


               This access code is what identifies you as a customer to the whose account is paid on line.


I forgot to mention, at the end of this article, the name of the matrix and the way you access it.


                 This matrix is the foundation for your residual income. Without the formersales activities, you are not qualified to receive a payment. You will only get the commission, when one of several criteria are met.


• Marketing: – It is the most important, because to be able to get a commission, you have to get sales.


• Commission: It is a percentage of the income you make.


• Account creations: These account creations are calledashed commissions.


• Earnings: How much you earn of the monthly total you make. On our side, we will call it monthly payments.


You will have to make some money to earn these commissions. By the way, be careful to choose a product which is in high demand. Why? Because it is the best and easiest way to make money, be anaffiliate!

Affiliate Program